Конвертер EDL

Конвертируй и объединяй EDL-файлы в CSV-списки (для Excel или Google Sheets) или преобразуй CSV-списки обратно в EDL-файл для Media Composer, Premiere Pro, Resolve, Final Cut и других.

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What can this tool do?

With this tool you can convert different timeline formats into other formats. You can also merge multiple sequence files of the same type and remove dublicates. It will only read video tracks and will ignore audio tracks. If you want to list audiotracks, please use the Music Cue Sheet Tool. Also, Video Transitions can cause problems.

What file formats can I upload?

  • EDL - Edit Decision List (.edl)
  • XML - Extensible Markup Language (.xml) (Premiere Pro, Final Cut)
  • FCPXML - Final Cut Pro XML (.fcpxml) [Experimental]

What file formats can I convert to?

  • EDL - Edit Decision List (.edl)
  • CSV - Comma-separated values (.csv) - значения, разделенные запятыми
  • XLSX - Excel Spreadsheet XML (.xlsx)
  • XLS - Excel Spreadsheet (.xls)
  • ODS - OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods)
  • XML - Extensible Markup Language (.xml) [In Development]

Merge multiple files

You can merge up to 15 sequence files of the same file format.

Duplicate entries

Identical entries are removed automatically.

Headers for CSV Files

No,Name,Tracks,Timecode In,Timecode Out,Tape,Start,End,Channels

  • No: *optional
  • Name: Filename
  • Tracks: V, AA, AA/V, NONE
  • Timecode In: Sequence TC In
  • Timecode Out: Seqeunce TC Out
  • Tape: Tape Name, AX
  • Start: Source TC In
  • End: Source TC Out
  • Channels: Audio Channels *optional

Demo Files

Coming soon

This tool is still in development. Transition effects and audio levels might not work.


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